Science Report – December 21st

Mars Self Sleep Report Study/Crew Well being:

Last night I tried to get up at 2 am but was not able to do work for
long before going back to sleep. I know our plan was to only sleep for
three hours at night and nap during the day but we found that the
first few days of adjusting to this process are the worst. Almost as
bad as flying to Europe or Asia through may time zones and adjusting.

We want to raise awareness of the time differences for a Mars mission
compared to living on Earth. How will the greater than 24 hr day on
Mars translate to astronauts work and sleep patterns? Obviously on
Mars, astronauts will be working and fixing things every minute while
they are awake. We want to see how we can maximize astronauts’

As a crew we are going to try and go to sleep earlier one night and
start our day by 6 am instead of 8 am like we usually do to see how
this improves or reduces productivity.

The crew seems to be in great spirits doing their work and surviving
here on Mars. Cannot wait to see what SOL 4-13 bring!!