Science Report – December 21st

Geology :
Today on our EVA we observed many interesting rock outcroppings and
geologic formations. It is easy to see the stratified rock layers in
exposed hillsides and cliffs. I moved the main weather station here at
the HAB from the roof to ground level outside the HAB. The reason for
this was that on the roof some of the heat from inside was affecting
the temperature measurements. On the next EVA that I go on I plan to
put another camera in a location of geologic interest (to be
determined) as well as collect the video data from the time-lapse
camera that has been sitting near the Hab for a couple days now. This
camera will have daytime geology data as well as star exposure.
Tomorrow it may snow here so I may give a camera to tomorrow’s EVA
team to set up outside somewhere.

I plan to move the weather station inside the GreenHAB within the next
couple days so that I can gather accurate weather data first. We want
to eventually move it into the GreenHAB in order to use the solar
sensor to measure solar flux in the Green HAB compared to outside.

The last time-lapse camera still sits inside the GreenHAB to monitor
progress there.

Max/Min: Outdoor Temp – 18 F – 42 F
GreenHab Temp – 47 F – 73 F
Barometer – 29.81 – 29.87 inHg
Wind – 3.5 mph, gust – N/A mph
Solar Rad. Max – 201.7 W/m^2
UV Index – 576 uW/cm^2
Outdoor Humidity – 17% – 41%