Science Report – December 24th

Geology Report: Today I rounded up the first time-lapse camera that I
put outside. It seemed to function well in the elements and caught
scenes of the HAB and sky. The sky was clearer and we were actually
able to see the Sun which warmed the outside air and GreenHAB.

Today I placed that camera in a location near the HAB looking East
toward the main road and along a hillside. If we get rain today we may
see some drainage patterns or erosion features. The second camera was
placed just north of the HAB and is looking due North toward the Lower
Blue Hills and Skyline Rim.

Overall I hope to evaluate the use of this time lapse photography in
this Mars-like terrain in order to evaluate how effective it would be
on Mars.


Philosophy of Colonizing Mars Report: In our second installment of
this philosophy report, we want to discuss the effects of living and
working on Mars on future astronauts. The radius of Mars is on the
order of half that of Earth and the mass is about 1/10. Using Newtons
Law the gravitational force on the surface of the planet will only be
40% that of Earth (actually 38%). This will result in progressive bone
loss over time and vision problems among other things.

Future astronauts will have to build exercise time and activity into
their busy schedules in order to stay healthy. Research is already
being done by NASA and on the ISS to see the effects of low gravity on
the human body. Hopefully we can think of every possible human factor
before sending humans to Mars. Only then will we be fully prepared.