Daily Summary Report – December 25th

Daily Summary Report

SOL: 07

Person filling out Report: Alison Gibson, Commander

Summary Title: A Windy Christmas

Mission Status: Ready for a productive week

Sol Activity Summary: We started the day with a Christmas breakfast feast, did our Yankee Swap, played games, and ended the afternoon with a movie.

Look Ahead Plan: EVA to Candor Chasma

Anomalies in work:  We had an intense wind storm last night and the cover blew off the hole in the top of the Hab. It was reinstalled as best as possible, but may need future improvements.

Weather: Partly cloudy, High 45F, Low 33F, wind gusts up to 33 mph

Crew Physical Status: Fully functional

EVA: Our EVA was postponed until tomorrow to avoid strong winds and celebrate the holiday

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Science Report

Support Requested: None