Science Report – December 25th

Geology Report: Today we celebrated Christmas as a crew! On tomorrow’s EVA I plan to have the team check on the cameras because the strong winds we received last night may have blown them over. We had a few gusts over 30 mph. Today was again much sunnier and thus we saw increased solar radiation at ground level and much higher peak GreenHAB temps. My final two EVAs will be this week and I hope to gather some great data on them with the cameras before departing MDRS next Sunday. Hopefully we will see some wind-driven erosion in the time-lapse videos from the gales that occurred yesterday and today.

This week looks to contain many clear nights so I will use one of the time-lapse cameras set to night mode to record star movements in the sky.

Max/Min: Outdoor Temp – 33 F – 45 F
Outdoor Humidity – 25% – 96%
GreenHab Temp – 36 F – 87 F
GreenHAB Humidity – 18% – 69%
Barometer – 28.97 – 29.44 inHg
Wind – 10-15 mph, gust – 32 mph
Solar Rad. Max – 439.6 W/m^2
UV Index – 912 uW/cm^2
Recorded Precipitation today – 0.00 in

Submitted by Connor Lynch – Crew Geologist/Astrophysicist