EVA Report – January 3rd

EVA Report:

SOL: 02

Date: 03/01/2017

Person filling out the report: Gwendal Hénaff

Crew members involved in the EVA: Nicholas McCay, Gwendal Hénaff, Pierrick Loyers

EVA leader: Gwendal Hénaff

Duration : from 1000 – 1240 earth mountain time

Type of EVA: Walking

Purpose: Preliminary tests of the scientific equipment

Coordinates: 38.245N 110.485W to 38.26N 110.47W



We started this EVA right on time : 1000 sharp. After the engineering checks, we headed up to the rovers and started our ride to the location named as “Tank”. Having the unit control of the ground penetration radar, I wasn’t able to drive and took the right seat on Deimos. Pierrick was driving Deimos and Nicholas was driving one of the ATV’s. At some point were out of radio range and losted contact with HabCom. We then started looking for water traces in the area and decided to start scanning the subsurface.

We had lot of troubles with our Space Packs: Our helmets were really foggy due to the condensation, and it was really difficult for the EVA team to pursue the experiments. Pierrick’s HUD and radio fell off in his helmet and the end of the EVA was really uncomfortable for him. Half way the EVA we were again able to contact HabCom and report them our status.

We then headed back to the vehicles and started to go back to the Hab. We stopped 500 meters before the Hab to find a way to attached the Groud Penetrating Radar’s antennas at the vehicles to make the scanning easier when we’re on the road. An incident happened : to keep the incident anonymous, astronauts will be designed by numbers.

Astronaut 2 and 3 were trying to attached the antennas on Deimos. Astronaut 2 was just between the ATV and Deimos. Astronaut 1 decided to move the ATV away to have more room for work. When he turned the ATV on, the gear was on neutral. After he switched to reverse, the ATV bumped into Astronaut 2, which was stuck between the ATV and Deimos for one to two seconds. Due to the quick reaction of the crew, the ATV was stopped. Astronaut 2 was hurt but able to walk with help. We decided to not break the sim and abort the EVA, which was almost over ; the incident  happened at 1240. We reached the Hab and checked the leg of Astronaut 2, which was fine : just small injuries.