Commander Report – January 8th

A weeks is gone.
The Hab is surrounding by snow and ice, since a couple of days. Although the landscape is stunning, this beautiful snow is a challange we are facing. I dare to say an emergency.
EVAs are not possible and a few projects are stocked. The soil is slippery and icy, even the engineering check is hard to perform. I am constantly reminding my Crew that safety has the priority.
A few might think that the life in an analogue environment is not that different,  probably just a stage to act as astrounats. Then, we have all the resources and emergencies are only part of the show.
This Society is organised to let us practice and training for the Mars mission. There are rules to respect but we must rely on our skills, otherwise we are missing the whole point fo the analogue missions. Self-discipline is a fundamental key in this expedition. My Crew is made of different talents and it is my responsibility to explain and teach them what to do in case of a real emergency.
Iced water has a lot of implications. Showers, washing up and cleaning are suspended; then, the water is frozen in the pipes, hence flushing and washing are suspended as well. And cooking is also affected.
Even though this Society is aware of that, I have set a few extra-rules to be sure we have enough drinkable water while we are waiting for the raining of temperature. Mission Support in helping us to control situation, as always.
Although this situation is critical, it helps us to get together as a unique entity. There are lots of rules and sometimes is hard for my Crew to keep up with everything. I was planning to simulate emergency but the snow change my schedule!
Facing a real emergency makes us feeling we are a really a team!Yesterday during the engineering check, we were so happy the pump of the water was fixed, that we celebrated it! There is no need to go very far away during EVA to find us, as Crew. Mars is always around.
My Crew is doing the best, above all now that they are asked to be very flexible in all the situations and leave their habits behind. A few of them change attitude and are working without too many reminders. Each of them knows what to do for the benefit of the overall mission. This is the positive side of the emergency!
I believe this is possible because of their personal goals  and because of my role. Commanders must lead every situation 24h/7 without creating panic in the Crew because they are our priority.
Ad Astra!
Ilaria Cinelli Commander