EVA Report – January 9th

EVA Report:

SOL: 08

Earth date: 09/01/2017

Person filling out the report: Pierrick Loyers

Crew members involved in the EVA: Gwendal Hénaff, Patrick Gray, Pierrick Loyers

EVA leader: Pierrick Loyers

Begin: 10.00 am

End: 11.30 am

Type of EVA: Walking

Purpose: 3D cartography measurements

UTM Coordinates:          Northing: 4252073 Easting: 520369 Zone/Sector: 12S

Northing: 4252066 Easting: 517460 Zone/Sector: 12S

Summary: Improvement of the cartography system have been made and now, it is functional. We didn’t use rover or ATVs because snow and mud could be dangerous. We walked to the plateau just next to the Hab and we continue until the point Northing: 4252073 Easting: 520369 Zone/Sector: 12S.

Hiking with the flight suit and back pack wasn’t an easy task but totally worth the view. The EVA last only 1h30 because our helmets were very foggy.