EVA Report – January 16th

EVA Report
SOL: 1
Date: 16/01/2017
Person filling out the report: Roy Naor
Crew members involved in the EVA: Roy Naor, Michaela Musilova, Niamh Shaw
EVA leader: Michaela Musilova
Begin: 02:00pm
End: 04:40pm
Type of EVA: Walking
Purpose: exploring the vicinity of the hab and sample carbonate minerals
UTM Coordinates: Northing : 4251400  Easting :  518900 Zone : 12 S
Summary: We learned a lot about how EVA works in terms of communication and physiology.
We sampled 4 different sandstone outcrops in the Brushy basin member of Morisson formation for its carbonates cements and concritions, and one sample of eroded sandstone (regolith) for our ISRU 3d printing project.