EVA Report – January 17th

EVA Report:

SOL: 2

Date: 17/01/2017

Person filling out the report: Roy Naor

Crew members involved in the EVA: Roy Naor, Richard Blake, Idriss sissaid

EVA leader: Roy Naor

Begin: 02:00pm

End: 04:38 pm

Type of EVA: Phobos, ATV 300, ATV 350+Walking

Purpose: Carbonate prospecting and sampling in the salt wash member and Sumervile Formation

UTM Coordinates: Northing : 4251500  Easting :  519000 Zone : 12 S     

Summary: We recommend having more detailed topografic maps 1:50,000 scale or lower in order to do proper geological/biological work. It is very weird to work without a map.We will try to make do with the ones that we were given for now.
I looked for concreations but found only cemented sand stones.
We walked the Candor Chasma from the main road to the sharp river bend after Tree Gate.