EVA Report – January 18th

EVA Report:
SOL: 3
Date: 18/01/2017
Person filling out the report: Roy Naor
Crew members involved in the EVA: Roy Naor, Michaela Musilova
EVA leader: Michaela Musilova
Begin: 01:00pm
End: 04:41 pm
Type of EVA: ATV 300, ATV 350+Walking
Purpose: Carbonate prospecting and sampling in Dakota sandstone and Mancos shale
UTM Coordinates: Northing : 4251500  Easting :  515000 Zone : 12 S
Summary: The road named Copernicus highway, which crosses the Dakota formation plane, is a very bad road. Hence, it took us much more time to get there than originally planned. In the end, we realized we wouldn’t be able to get back to the Hab on time before sunset, so we parked the two ATVs right at the Repeater Point, north to Radio ridge and got down back to the Hab by foot.
However, we were quite successful with retrieving some good carbonates and endolith samples from the regolith of dakota formation and a bolder of ferron sandstone which fell to the foot of Skyline Rim.