EVA Report – January 19th

EVA Report
SOL: 4
Date: 19/01/2017
Person filling out the report: Roy Naor
Crew members involved in the EVA: Roy Naor, Richard Blake
EVA leader: Roy Naor
Begin: 10:00pm
End: 12:30 pm
Type of EVA: Walking + ATV 300, ATV 350
Purpose: Conducting a transect sampling along the Brushy basin member slope  for the Israeli educational experiment and retrieving back the rovers from the point were they were left on the 18th.
UTM Coordinates: Northing : 4251100  Easting :  518000 Zone : 12 S
Summary: We’ve transected the slopes bottom to top by sampling rockes from each different color layer. The samples will be sent to Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, where the youth scientists will analyze thier properties.  Team PRIMA succeeded in yet another one of their projects, as this reaserch was aimed at outreach for STEAM education. The ATVs are back and safe, hibernating as they are slowly covering by snow at the moment.