Crew Photos – January 21st

Science Hab January 21st 2017 Idriss keeps track of printing progress remotely on his computer
Outside HAB January 21st 2017 Michaela and Roy on EVA (Credit Michaela Musilova)
Outside HAB January 20th 2016 Michaela and Idriss on EVA (Credit Michaela Musilova)
MDRS January 21st 2017 MDRS on a windy afternoon Sol 5 (Credit Michaela Musilova)
Main Airlock January 20th 2017 Idriss getting ready for EVA (Credit Michaela Musilova)
Hab January 21st 2017 View from the communal area of the Hab (Credit Michaela Musilova)
HAB January 20th 2017 Niamh hosted Irish night on Sol5 (Credit Niamh Shaw)