Sol Summary – January 22nd

MDRS Sol Summary Report for Sol 7
Crew geologist Roy Naor
Summary Title
Never give up! Even when your 3d printer fails on you. He who dares wins it all!!
Mission Status:
Passing the half of our mission duration made all things science to accelerate toward achieving the needed results. Our flagship experiment- ISRU 3d printing proof of concept- has finally got a positive result!
Sol Activity Summary:
Our fearless commander and her XO went on a far away EVA to the south region on Noachis Terra, the 4 bilion year old southern hemisphere plato. As this era known to had clement climate conditions, the two fronteniers Marsonauts reconnaissanced the Terra in search of hypolith remains. Back in the hab, the 3 minions left alone thought at first to start a mutiny, only later to realize they actually like how things work in the red planet’s first colony. They decided to think big instead. The crew geologist and crew artists, took the position of crew engineers and started working out the 3d printer to enable the desired ISRU printed building blocks. They had a lot of jokes and fun, but no major progress without the XO crew engineer. The crew GreenHab officer finally got the seeds to sprout and Michaela’s spinach experiment is working very well, so we gonna have a bite soon.
Later on when the engineer got back to base, he and the geologist joined forces to create the Engeologist Brotherhood and made the printer to kneel before them. To finally, finally, 3D print their colony first 3D printed brick!! First 3D printed brick on Mars!!! To celebrate we’re all looking forward to what seems like a crazy Slovakian culture night coming up.
Look Ahead Plan:
The geological research is coming towards its next phase. As all formations around the hab have been sampled, the next EVA would be to attempt to climb even higher that the Tharsis rise to the west, the mighty Olimpus Mons, greatest mountain the solar system ever saw. The 3D printing project, finally settling into manufacturing procedure, with the goal to build the first 3d printed wall on Mars. Similarly the biological experiments are continuing with full force, as well as the outreach activities.
Anomalies in work:
As Mars atmospheric pressure oscillates around 0.006 bar, liquid water are unstable at the surface. The hab pump, recently renovated, is leaking, and water is sublimating at a frightening rate.
Very cold and windy, some snowflakes.
Crew Physical Status:
All are at good shape, the men starting to have a weird stylish hair and the girls having feminine discussions.
The scope of EVA was to prospect the possibility of microbe inhabitability under semi opaque rocks. If a proff of their existence be confirmed, a new restrictions should set upon extra-terrestrial exploration as risk of contamination will become an issue. In addition to that, the Marsonautes brout back regolith of different kind to help GreenHab officer in his effort to create soil for the crew self-sustainability.
Reports to be filed:
sol 7 summary
Eva report
Eva request
Journalist’s report
Operations report
Science report
Support Requested:
Help with the pump situation
Internet is intermittent and went down completely this night