Sol Summary – January 24th

MDRS Sol 9 Summary
Summary Title: Boys and Girls Like to Kiss, the Fall of Idriss and Roy. 
By GreenHab Officer Rick “Tricky Dicky” Blake
Mission Status:
More and laughs, science and cultural exchanges
Sol Activity Summary:
This morning we had pancakes for brekky, followed by the taping of a birthday message for Roy’s mum. We also had a great chat to some French year 12 science students, who were keen as beans to learn about our mission here at the MDRS, as well as the future of the space industry. I learned the Hebrew alphabet (which feels like cracking secret codes), and continued my work in the GreenHab. The rest of the crew watched me learn Hebrew. 
In the afternoon, Roy, Niamh and I went out for an EVA. Roy’s plan was to collect some more geological samples, both to test for the presence of carbonates, and to gather some regolith for use with the 3D printed bricks Idriss is working on. I was after some regolith to test for suitability to potentially be used as a starting block for generating soil. Niamh came with us to capture some footage of an EVA, as well as to get some shots of the landscape. During the EVA, we saw the first episode of ‘Boys and Girls Like to Kiss’ Season 3, which was a real doosy. 
Tonight saw us sharing a Moroccan meal for Idriss’ culture night, as well as hearing about the history and state of Morocco, including Idriss’ Berber roots. 
Look Ahead Plan:
Tomorrow we have a film crew from France coming to see us. This will take up most of the day, but shouldn’t be too disruptive hopefully. We will be continuing with our scientific projects and we have an exploration EVA planned.
Anomalies in Work:
Saw an alien hovercraft during EVA.
Today was sunny in the morning with clouds and wind increasing in the arvo. Rainwater from yesterday mostly gone now.
Crew Physical Status:
I lightly bumped my tooth on a coffee mug. The rest of the crew are nominal. Healthy and safe.