Green Hab Report – February 1st

Green Hab Report
Earth Date: 02.01.2017
Written by : Sneha Velayudhan

Functionality: as the climate on Mars is beautiful, the green hab
temperatures are high that we had to switch on the coolers twice
today. The temperatures were noted as 28 degree centigrade while the
outside temperature was 1 degree centigrade at 10:10 AM. By 12:20 pm,
the temperature rised to around 45 degree, the cooler was switched on
to decrease the temperature. The temperature was brought down to
around 30 degree. In the evening temperatures were noted, the green
hab was 18 degree while the outside temperature was 9 degree
Status: The botany experiment started with 2 sets of pots, 10 each
prepared with earth soil and marked with 0-0.9 grams of Vitamin D.
Five different types of Martian soil, each type of soil were prepared
in 2 pots and marked for the variety. A mixture of earth soil, the
different tryps of Martian soil was prepared in equal ratio and filled
into 4 pots. Each of the respective sets such as the 10 pots of Earth
soil, 5 pots of mars soil, 2 pots each of the mixture of Earth and
Mars soil were consolidated. The germinated fenugreek seeds were
delicately sowed into the pots.  One set is placed in the green hab
and the other under the misian mars lamp. All plants including the
newly potted seedlings were watered twice today.
Planned activity: The growth of fenugreek will be monitored along with
the other plants in the coming days.