Green Hab Report – February 2nd

Green Hab report

Written by : Sneha Velayudhan
Sol 04
Earth Date: 02.02.2017
Functionality: Its a nice sunny day on Mars. Temperature at around
10:20 AM was 2 deg. C outside, while the green hab temperature was 22
deg. C and the misian Mars lamp temperature was 19 deg. C. The
temperature was again checked in the evening at 5:30 PM, inside the
greenhab the temperature was 30 deg. C, it was around 22.4 deg. C
under the misian Mars lamp while the outside temperature was 9 deg. C
and windy.
Status: The temperature was monitored and seedlings were watered.
Special attention was given to the fenugreek seeds sowed yesterday as
a part of botany experiment. It was found that the soil in the pots
was mostly dry. In order to maintain the adequate moisture in the
soil, the pots were watered in the green hab and under the misian Mars
lamp. Some amount of water was poured into the tray beneath the pots
to maintain regular moisture.
By the evening the temperature was monitored again and the seedlings
were watered. The fenugreek was watered with fixed amount of water and
Vit. D ranging from 0.1 gm to 1 gm both in the green hab and under the
misian Mars lamp. The root growth was measured and tabulated
Planned activity: The seedlings will be monitored for growth along
with the temperature and humidity.