Sol Summary – February 2nd

Sol Summary-04
Earth Date: 02.02.2017
Finally the day was here when our Commander Mamatha joined us 🙂
should mention it as the most awaited day of our mission!! After a
long night of discussions about how to pick her, how to communicate
with her, who should go and when to go, it was decided that Saroj and
Arpan would go to pick her while Sneha and Arun will stay in the hab
performing the experiments. Saroj known as our official driver, not to
forget the second in command was planning the activities to be done
while they were away.
It must have been a long night for Arun as he worked all night reading
materials for his geological research. As morning came in, the crew
woke up as usual and started with the normal duties. Water supply to
the hab was still and issue, water was filled in vessels and stored
for use. Last night we had received instructions on how to clean the
filter, Saroj was trying hard to download and read them, unfortunately
he was not able to download all the steps as the internet was very
slow this morning. Three crew members had breakfast together while the
fourth was asleep. After breakfast and some discussion about the day,
some music, jokes and fun. It was a fun filled day as we were excited
about the arrival of Commander. Sneha went to the green hab watered
the plants spent time doing her experiment. Saroj and Arpan prepared
lunch. It was an early lunch as they had to leave to Green River.
After the operations check, the reports were prepared. After lunch
Saroj and Arpan got ready to leave to pick up Mamatha. The second in
command was so excited that it was decided the two men would follow
the protocol and wear jump suits to receive the commander !!! Sneha
did comment that when the Commander sees this, she would also love to
wear the jump suit and join the team before driving to Mars 🙂
After they left, it was a very long day on Mars, Arun was reading his
materials and noting the places for his next EVA. Sneha remained in
the hab and was trying to make some bread for the next few days. The
bread turned out to be disastrous 🙁 The long day came to an end when
Mamatha arrived on Mars. There is excitement, screams of joy, reunion
of friends after 2 years. Its really exciting now.