Green Hab Report – February 3rd

Green Hab Report:
Prepared by: Sneha Velayudhan
Sol 05
Earth Date: 02.03.2017

Functionality: A sunny day on Mars means regular monitoring of the Green Hab as temperature rise quickly. Morning the temperatures were measured. The outside temperature was 9 deg C while the green hab temperature was 38 deg C and under misian Mars lamp it was 20 deg C at around 10:30 AM. Post lunch, the skies were clear and the temperature was high. It was an indication to me that the temperatures in the Green Hab would be high. I went to the green hab to find the inside temperature to be nearly 50 deg C. I switched on the cooler and watered the plants again. The humidity was checked and it was around 30 %. The cooler was left on in order to control the temperature of the Green Hab. In the evening, the outside temperature was 8 deg C, Green Hab temperature was 20 deg C and under the misian Mars Lamp temperature was 22.5 deg C. The Humidity noted inside the hab was 15% and under the misian Mars lamp was 30%.

Status: In the green hab, the plants and seedlings were watered. Special attention given to the Fenugreek seeds. The root growth in the Earth Soil was impressive. The leaves were sprouting out of the seed coat and it was greenish. It was a great relief to see the seedlings grow!!! Unfortunately, there is no much growth observed in the seeds sowed in the Mars Soil. It was expected but that was little depressing 🙁

Under the misian Mars Lamp, the seedlings were watered and observed for growth. The earth soil seeds showed some growth but it looks like plants enjoy sunshine more that the artificial lamp light! Similar to the green hab, the Mars soil pots did not show any impressive growth. The root growth was measured in both Earth and Mars seedlings. In the evening the plants were watered with Vit D in incremental measurement and the temperature was monitored.

Planned activity: Monitoring and maintaining the Green Hab temperature. Tabulating the growth of plants with varied amount of Vitamin D.