EVA Report – February 10th

EVA Report:
SOL: 11
Date: 02/09/2017
Person filling out the report: Mamatha Maheshwarappa
Crew members involved in the EVA: Arpan Vasanth and Mamatha Maheshwarappa
EVA leader: Mamatha Maheshwarappa
Begin: 10.30 am
End: 02.00 pm
Type of EVA: Walking + Rover (Deimos)
Purpose: Collection of Soil Samples and photographs for outreach activities
UTM Coordinates: 12 S; Northing: 4247314; Easting: 520331 (For Drone experiments)
12 S; Northing: 4255749; Easting: 518259 Zone/Sector
Summary: We started the EVA at 1030 hrs by capturing photographs/videos for outreach activities using drone near the “Zubrin’s Head” (towards the highway). Drone was controlled to be always ahead of the rover to understand the terrain better. Also, we simulated the application of Drone in search of a crew member in case of emergency situations. The second part of the EVA was towards “Lith Canyon” to collect soil samples for characterizing human commensal bacteria. GPS coordinates were noted at each location for future reference. The EVA was concluded after returning to the hab noting down the hab’s operational parameters.
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