Science Report – February 16th

Science report

Experiment: Balloon
Person filling in the report: Simon Bouriat
The balloon went on the EVA yesterday. It worked really well even if the weather was a bit windy. Unfortunately, the platform broke when we stored it. Today, during the afternoon, I fixed it and I recoded the Arduino. The idea is to record pressure and temperature in the hab during the whole day tomorrow and to compare the results with the ones we got from the balloon flight (here after). It will give us the average characteristics on the ground.  We also want to calculate the height of the balloon thanks to our results. Tomorrow, during the EVA, we will try to tether the balloon with two ropes to avoid any rotation of the new platform.
I also tried to figure out how to build a radio relay. The main way in my opinion is to use one of the broken walkie-talkies.

Experiment: Seismometer
Person filling in the report: Mouâdh Bouayad
Today the battery was wrapped in an emergency blanket in order for it to be protected, especially from water. The assembly of the science equipment (ISAE-SUPAERO Seismometer and Staneo acquisition system) was assembled with the gloves in order to train for tomorrow’s EVA.

Experiment: Aquapad
Person filling in the report Arthur: Lillo
The Aquapad (CNES) experiment has started today, with water samples having been prepared for testing, it has been put in the science oven, the first results will be available tomorrow!

Experiment: EMUI
Person filling in the report: Louis Maller
During the EVA I wore the glasses to test different issues. Comfort: they are lighter and a lot less trying to wear than the previous version, this is a true improvement. The right branch of the glasses still hurt a bit, at the end of the EVA I was glad to take them off, maybe because of the cable attached to the external battery pulling down?
The glasses were attached to an external battery and I went through the entire EVA without any problems.
I was able to see the screen only if I managed to make some shade on the glasses, or if I was in a dark place, like in the shadows. The time widget was very visible.
Screencasting is still an issue for now as the available software either require internet to work, or require a cable…