EVA Report – February 17th

Crew 175 EVA #4 Report 17Feb2017

EVA Report:

EVA #4

Crew members (2 crewmembers): Xavier Rixhon, Louis Maller

Location: Immediate vicinity of the hab
Vehicles used: /

Departure time:  15:54
Return time: 16:06
Duration: 12min


We exited the airlock under some quite heavy wind. We put the water tank on the rover, which was more difficult than expected as it was heavier than we had thought, difficult to grab and handle, especially wearing spacesuits.
We then described a circle around the hab, got a few trash items that had flown away, checked that everything seemed okay. We put the tunnel extension back in place at the end point which had moved slightly. We didn’t notice any damage anywhere on the MDRS