EVA Report – February 17th

Crew 175 EVA Report 17Feb2017

EVA #3

Crew members: Arthur Lillo (EVA leader), Mouâdh Bouayad, Simon Bouriat
et Victoria Da-Poian (EVA buddies)

•       South of the Hab to bury the seismometer (12N 518500, 4250000)
•       Hab Ridge Road, South of the Hab (12N 518000, 4250100)
•       East of the Hab (12N 518700, 4250700)

Vehicles used: Phobos and Deimos

Departure time:  9:03 AM
Return time: 11:38 AM
Duration: 2h35


•       Around the Hab exploration
•       EVA training for newcomers
•       Seismology experiment: dig a deeper hole and bury the seismometer,
the acquisition system and the battery


The Engineering Check was quick today, no refill was needed. We did
not take the balloon because of the risk of wind. We took the rovers
to go to the plain just North of Camel Ridge, where we dug a hole two
Sols ago. At 9:25 we installed the car battery, the acquisition system
and the seismometer, and covered them with dirt and plastic planks to
protect them from the bad weather. At 9:50 we began our exploration:
we left the seismometer to walk West of its location, where we found
an access to the top of Hab Ridge. The view was absolutely stunning
despite the cloudy sky. We found Hab Ridge Road up there and followed
it until we could see the Hab and establish radio contact with HabCom.
At 10:30, we headed back to the rovers on the same path and lose
contact again. We went back to the Hab’s crossroad and left the rovers
there to explore the Eastern area. We discovered the intriguing site
called Marble Ritual, and enjoyed the view on Pooh’s Corner from the
top of a small hill. After that, we returned to the Hab earlier than