Journalist Report – February 17th

Crew 175 Journalist report Sol 5

Journalist report, 02/17/17 – Sol 5: Seismometer, storm and fresh bread.

Today was my first day following an EVA from the hab. Moreover, I was its habcom. After breakfast, I was in charge of checking everyone’s radio, backpack, timing the pressurisation, and giving tasks to the crew members outside during the check-ups at the beginning of the EVA. Then I was following their actions by radio when they were in range.

Today’s EVA included Arthur, as leader, Mouâdh, Victoria, and Simon, who had taken the camera, so that today’s pictures of the outside would not be mine today. Their first objective was to install the seismometer where we planned to two days ago. It went well and was finished quickly. The balloon remained in the hab, because of the wind blowing too hard. That is why, after half of the EVA, the team started to explore the surroundings, went up to hab ridge road, then back, training on how to use the map in situation.

At the same time, in the hab, I was busy working on interviews for French medias, Xavier was working on the energy supply of the station, and Louis was busy with the EMUI. The afternoon started quietly, with almost everybody taking a nap, but after a couple of hours, wind started to blow very strongly. The whole station became very noisy, parts moving everywhere, we had the strange feeling that we could take off at any minute… Our brand-new wall was moving dangerously, but went through it. Xavier and Louis had to go out on an “emergency EVA” to check if nothing was damaged, and to pick up stuff that flew away.

For dinner, Simon had baked fresh bread for us. He now masters the art of using the bread machine well. It might seem simple but it is the only way for us to get fresh food. And for French people, being able to eat fresh bread even if it isn’t baguette is priceless…


Louis MANGIN, crew journalist MDRS 175