Science Report – February 17th

Crew 175 Science Report 17Feb2017

Science Report SOL 5

Experiment: Seismometer
Person filling in the report: Mouadh Bouayad

We could deploy the seismometer this morning, during the EVA. It was quite hard to do, with the gloves, especially to put the seismometer correctly. It was nevertheless a success. We decided to put the Stanéo digitizer in a box in order to protect it, and we covered it with a piece of plastic. We have then tried to immobilize everything by putting stones here and there.
The weather on the rest of the sol was worrying: there was a lot of wind (impossible thing on Mars because of the low pressure on its surface). I fear that the structure might crumble. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to check this out, during the next EVA.

Experiment: Balloon
Person filling in the report: Simon Bouriat

We were first supposed to use the balloon during the EVA this morning. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. We still don’t have enough results to make any conclusions. We hope to use it again next week.
The crew engineer and I started working on our new project about emergency procedures. There are three main points in that study. First, we will study the emergency procedures observed during scuba diving. One of the big step in this study is the comparison between this sport’s dangers and EVA’s ones. Secondly, we will try to set up different emergency procedures depending on the issues and brief the rest of the crew about it. Finally, we will simulate unexpected health or material issues during EVAs and try to apply these procedures.

Simon Bouriat – HSO Crew 175