EVA Report – February 18th

EVA Report:

EVA #5

Crew members (4 crewmembers): Louis Maller (EVA leader), Mouâdh Bouayad, Xavier Rixhon, Louis Mangin

•       South of the Hab to check on the seismometer (12N 518500, 4250000)

Vehicles used: Deimos and the two 350 ATVs

Departure time:  8:56 AM
Return time: 10:03 AM
Duration: 1h07

– re-check if everything is in place around the hab after the strong wind that we experienced today
– Seismology experiment: check on the seismometer experiment, to be sure that the strong wind hasn’t displaced anything.
– explore the area around white rock canyon, take some pictures for PR purposes

We left for the EVA early this time, as we had gotten prepared very quickly. The engineering check was done efficiently once again, and we then headed to the seismometer to check if it had not been displaced by the wind. Everything was perfectly in place. We swapped the flash drive that was being used for a clean one, in order to analyze the first set of data in the hab. Then we headed south towards white rock canyon. But as we were almost there, I noticed cows a bit ahead of us just next to the road. I was not confident in heading towards them, because I didn’t know if they would be very near to the point we wanted to explore, or how they would react (even if they are just curious they could come uncomfortably close to us), and also it didn’t feel right with the sim.

So we headed back, and stopped near Robert’s rock Garden in order for Mouadh to show us where was the access towards Ridge Road. We started climbing the first hills but then Xavier experienced a problem with his bandana that fell on his eyes, while the rest of the team had a very limited visibility due to heavy fogging, probably because the air was very moist.

As we reached the ATVs it started raining slightly, so the time was right to head back to the hab, which is why the EVA was a lot shorter than expected. But our main task, checking on the seismometer, was a success, even if we didn’t exactly get the exploration we wanted to do done.