EVA Report – February 19th

EVA report:

Crew members: Simon Bouriat (EVA leader), Victoria Da-Poian, Arthur Lillo and Louis Mangin (EVA buddies)


  • East of the Hab (Marble Ritual, 12N 518700, 4250700)

Departure time:  9:00 AM

Return time: 10:05 PM

Vehicles used: None

Duration: 1:05 hours

We first walked from the Hab to Marble Ritual to test the radio relay built yesterday. In fact, we know that the walkie-talkies start to malfunction around this area because of the distance. So we went there and split the group into two pairs. Two were supposed to keep the radio relay with them and contact the Hab and the two others had to keep walking until they lost contact with the hab. Thanks to the radio relay, this last pair should have been able to contact the Hab. This experiment was a failure for different reasons. First of all, it took a long time to reach Marble Ritual as our helmets were covered of fog. Secondly, the walkie-talkies were too sensitive to the terrain. Most of the time, the HabCom was able to contact the second pair (who was walking) and the two pairs weren’t able to talk to each other. We think that these issues have been caused by the air humidity and by interferences from the radio relay. We will work again to fix that and will try it during a sunny EVA. However, our commander succeeded to use his sextant for his positioning experiment during the EVA, even if the temperature tended to decalibrate it. The fog on our helmets started to be a big issue so we finally got back to the Hab as nobody could see and, so, drive the rovers.