Science Report – February 19th

Science Report 19Feb2017

Experiment: Navigating on Mars
Person filling in the report: Arthur Lillo

I took the sextant during the EVA: it was easy to use and to read
despite the gloves and the fog in the helmet. However, the temperature
gradient decalibrated the mirror before long, and the calibration
screws are too small to be turned with the gloves. Therefore, I could
only take one measurement: I wrote down the angle between the Hab and
Marble Ritual, and the angle between Phobos Peak and Marble Ritual.
Back inside the Hab, I drew on the map the two arcs of a circle
corresponding to the two angles, and I obtained a point that seems to
be a few meters away from my position during the measurement. Thus,
the experiment was a success, now I need to code an app that does the
work of positioning.

Experiment: EVA Emergency Procedures
Person filling in the report : Simon Bouriat

Today was the first line of our abstract about emergency procedures on EVA. The idea is to build emergency procedures based on a study of the ones of mountaineering expeditions. To do that, we want to simulate, during our EVA, different emergency situations. Nowadays, such situations are not currently studied.
One member will make a planning to prepare two or three simulations during the next two weeks. No other member, except for the one that will simulate the incident, will know that an issue will occur. But before, we want to study and create emergency procedures that will be taught to the all crew. The simulations will be a way to apply these procedures.
This study will probably continue after the sim.

Since we had no PRIF for this experiment, we would like to know if we can carry it out.