GreenHab Report – February 20th

Green Hab Report  – Sol 8
Report written by: Victoria DA-POIAN (Crew Biologist)

Date : 02/20/2017

Functionality: The heater in the green hab is working well. Today was a nicer day than yesterday! I checked the temperature in the GreenHab this morning. It was around 27 Celsius degrees around 11:00 AM while the temperature in the tunnel was around 6.8 Celsius degrees. I switched on the cooler (on stage 1). The GreenHab temperature was 21 Celsius degrees at 5:30PM while it was 12.6 Celsius degrees in the tunnel. I watered the seedlings this morning and this afternoon too.

Status: The existing seedlings in the greenhab are continuing to grow well. There are spinach, lettuce, radish, and beans growing very well in the small pots.

The Vegidair has been installed 4 days ago and is functionning very well (cf photos). We were able to see more sprouts of lettuce and of « roquette » today in the Vegidair but not in the similar pots I put in the GreenHab.