EVA Report – February 21st

EVA Report
Crew members: Louis Mangin (EVA leader), Simon Bouriat, Victoria
Da-Poian and Louis Maller (EVA buddies)
Habcom : Arthur Lillo
Departure time:  9:15 AM
Return time: 12:15 AM
Vehicules: 1 rover (deimos) and 2 ATVs
Location: North of the hab, South of the hab (12N 518500, 4250000) and
white Rock Canyon (12N 520250, 4247500).

•       Looking for an acceptable location near the hab to deploy the
balloon for 24 hours.
•       Seismology experiment: collection of data and verification of the
instruments’ good functioning.
•       White Rock Canyon exploration, shooting of “official photos”, with
flags, banners.

To begin with, we had a problem with Louis Maller’s earplug. We
realized a bit late that he was not hearing habcom properly, as we
were already in the airlock. That is why we ended up being 15 minutes
late, Louis having to change his earplug.
The engineering check was pretty fast, Victoria and Louis just forgot
to check the oil on the ATVs, so that we lost maybe 2 minutes.
We began by looking for an acceptable place to let the balloon for a
whole day, visible from the hab. We measured the distances with our
feet, and found the spot to attach it, north from hab.
We went back to the vehicles and headed south. We stopped to check the
seismometer that had moved, at 9:45. We discovered that the plastic
plate we put over the captor was touching it. We fixed it by adding
rocks under its sides.
15 minutes later, we reached White Rock canyon. We managed to go
halfway up of it, shot photos of the team for communication purpose,
with our flags, and with our school’s banner. Then we kept exploring
the site as most of us were not part of the previous expedition who
had been here. We spent less than one hour and a half there, then went
back to the base at 11:20, shot a photo of the hab, and came back.
To end with, we used the compressor for the first time, and spent
about 20 minutes discovering the process and inflating all tires that
needed to be.