Science Report – February 24th

Science Report

Experiment : Optinvent AR Glasses
Person filling in the report: Louis Maller

Finally found an application that allows to connect the glasses to a computer using a local ad-hoc network (LAN). The HabCom was able to view on his computer what I was seeing. Unfortunately, the diesel tank was already out of range for the LAN. The phone creating the LAN was in my pocket, maybe placing it inside the GreenHab for example would have allowed for better coverage. Tomorrow we will do some range tests to evaluate this possibility during the EVA. Further work will be based on trying to find a solution to control the glasses (operating on android) from my phone (also on android), through a LAN. Suggestions welcome!

Experiment: Sextant
Person filling in the report: Arthur Lillo
The Sextant has proved that it is usable during EVAs even with gloves. Thanks to the new compass that was built, it is much more easy to find our position on the map. The development of a dedicated app is on standby due to lack of appropriate software.

Experiment: Balloon
Person filling in the report: Simon Bouriat
There was a deployment test this morning, which was unsuccessful due to strong gusts of wind that took us a bit by surprise. We aborted the deployment, and as we tried to put the balloon back in place, it ripped a little in some places. Xavier and I spend some time this afternoon fixing it. We are hoping that the wind will lower enough before the end of our mission in order for us to deploy it successfully, ideally for 24 hours.

Experiment: Aquapad
Person filling in the report: Arthur Lillo
Aquapads were prepared today in order to test the evolution of the quality of the filtered water in the Hab.