EVA Report – February 25th

EVA Report 25/02/2017
Crew members: Simon Bouriat (EVA leader), Louis Maller, Arthur Lillo and
Mouadh Bouayad (EVA buddies)
•       Around the Hab
•       North of the Hab (12N 518750, 4252750) if time remaining.
Vehicles used:          Deimos, 2×350 ATV
Departure time:         9:05 AM
Return time:            12:15 PM
Duration:               3 hours

One of the best EVAs I did since the beginning.
We first experimented with the solar balloon. It actually worked pretty
well despite the variable wind. We succeeded in shooting videos with the
GoPro from inside the balloon’s platform and we also put the Arduino
system to get the temperature and pressure variations. Everything went
well but because of the large ups and downs of the balloon we stayed for
almost an hour and a half to be sure that it wouldn’t break.
After that, we took Deimos and two ATVs and went to the North. We
finally reached beige moon, grey moon and then yellow moon and took
amazing pictures. Our commander tried to locate us with the sextant but
the map he printed wasn’t precise enough to get the three landmarks
needed. And unfortunately, the glasses went unexpected out of range
shortly after the beginning of the EVA. But we observed that the battery
kept them working during the entire 3 hours so we will take them again
on a next EVA.