Sol Summary – February 25th


SOL: 13
Person filling out Report: Louis MALLER, XO
Summary Title: Exploring Cold Mars
Mission Status: successful EVA in the morning, all systems go, work on experiments ongoing
Sol Activity Summary: sport, EVA, science work on different experiments
Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow there should be an EVA aimed at testing the feasibility of safety protocols designed today
Anomalies in work: 3D printer being troubleshooted, pumps frozen in the morning (thawed later in the morning)
Weather: beautiful and sunny in the morning slight breeze, quite cold
Crew Physical Status: One crewmember fell from the ladder to the loft, bruised but nothing broken
EVA: tried to fill in the static tank at the beginning of the EVA, failed because the pump had frozen. Succesfully deployed the balloon in the plain north of the Hab. Went to Explore the Moon again, and then headed southwards towards Skyline Rim. Then we headed back to the Hab, folded up the balloon, and managed to activate the pump.

Reports to be filed:
– Commander report
– Operations report
– Journalist report
– GreenHab Report
– EVA #12 report
– EVA #13 request
– HSO report
– Astronomy Report