GreenHab Report – March 14th

When we arrived to MDRS, the door to the Green Hab was locked and all plants were dead. The door got unlocked the same day and Shannon Rupert did substantive works to put things in order, remove dry plants and prepare pots for new crops.

I have finished today what Shannon started: I have collected trash and removed the resting dry plants as well as I put things in order and brushed the floor. I have also analysed the seeds that are available for planting. Most of the pots contain soil and none of them contains plants (there are still dry roots left though in some of the pots). Approximately a half of them is ready to be used for new plants.

Each morning I turn the fan on and I turn it off in the evening. I also partially open and close a sort of the window built into the door. The fan works well. The days are very sunny, so it gets very hot inside (the temperature outside was 26 C degrees; I still need to find a thermometer to measure the temperature inside).

The next step is to start seeds as well as bring some plants from the field and try to grow them inside the Green Hab. I also need to examine how to regulate the temperature, lightening and moisture of the soil in a way it fits the seeds.

GreenHab in Decline
GreenHab in Decline


Best wishes,
Karolina Zawieska
Green Hab Officer, Crew 176

Science Report – March 14th

EVA #1 approaching to conglomerate Dacota Formation, 1,5 km from habitat
and the study of geology map to identify place of collected samples. These
Cretaceous Dacota Sandstone and Conglomerates originated due to very
strong flow of water. This formation is comparable with images from
Curiosity rover from surface of Martian Gale Crater.  The rock consists
with 1-2 cm pebbles.

Dacota Conglomerate EVA


Conglomerate Dacota


With kind regards,

Natalia Zalewska
Commander, MDRS Crew 176

Commander Report – March 14th

Dear Mission Support,

This morning we woke up even earlier than before, i.e. at 7:15 am. This
was because we needed to wear holter monitors and make them work. We also
did morning sport exercises that are part of holter testing. The training
started at 8:50 am and lasted for 35 min. We are planning to repeat the
training every day.

After the training we had a quick breakfast and the two of us, including
myself, got ready for the EVA. The EVA was scheduled for 10:00 am,
however, due to the communication issues, we left the hab at 10:20 am (for
detailed information see the EVA Report). Due to the heat we experienced
due to the EVA, both of us felt tired and took a nap after coming back to
the hab.

In the meantime, the Crew Engineer worked on a small mobile robot for
approximately 2 hours and the Green Hab Officer spent around 1 hour
working in the Green Hab. We had a late lunch at 4 pm. The strategy we
have invented for flushing the toilet continues to work.

In the afternoon, the two of the crew members, namely Crew Engineer &
Green Hab Officer took a rental car and went to Salt Lake City to pick the
last member of the crew up and collect the delayed package (the latter
includes such things as the rover Ares 2, tools and equipment). They will
be back tomorrow (15th of March).

Best regards,

Natalia Zalewska
Commander, MDRS Crew 176