Science Report – March 18th (Engineering)

Name of person filing report: Michał Kazaniecki

Water level detector


One of the systems, that you have to check in the Hab all the time is water tank at loft. It is a reservoir of all water flowing to taps, shower and toilet. Everyone need to control the level of water and refill from external tank before it reaches the limit.

Although the tank is partially transparent, in bad lighting it is hard to tell if it is full.

Today, when I saw that the level is below the limit, I decided to solve that problem by creating an electronic water level detector.

The detector consist of two metal electrodes sunk inside the tank and connected to an electronic board (Arduino). When the electrodes are covered with water, electric current flows between them and the voltage is measured by Arduino. If the water is below the limit, the current doesn’t flow through the wires. It is a signal to refill the tank and it is displayed by flashing LED. Everything is powered by one 9-volt battery.

Tests performed on a water in a mug confirmed that the system works properly. We installed it in a tank and we are waiting for the further results of the tests.



Water Detector