Commander Report – March 20th

Dear Mission Support,

Week no. 2 started a bit differently than usual for us. We started the day
from repairing the tunnel that got damaged by strong wind yesterday.
Afterwards we had a breakfast and we undertook our daily psychological
tests and sport activities.

During the day, we proceeded with the maintenance activities as we
enlarged the ditch in front of the habitat to release the leak. It took us
quite some time. Then we had lunch together and took some rest. We did not
plan any EVA for today because we could not send the EVA request a day
before due to the failed Internet connection.

In the afternoon, some of us proceeded with psychological tests and
documentation of our mission. The Green Hab Officer was very excited to
learn that one of the seeds has turned into a plant. She brought the pot
to the hab, so that all of could share her excitement. Also, we were happy
to see that the Internet connection was back. Unfortunately it did not
last for long and we were left with no Internet again in the evening and
without the possibility to send our report.

The overall mood of the crew is good although we are still worried about
the issues with the Internet which makes it difficult for us to
communicate with Mission Support and the rest of our team in Poland.


Natalia Zalewska
Commander, MDRS Crew 176