Commander Report – March 21st

Crew 176 Commander’s Report 21 March 2017
Natalia Zalewska
Commander Report
21 March 2017 – Sol 10

Dear Mission Support,

Our daily routine remained unchanged today. We woke up in the morning and
had a breakfast together, oats with dried fruits, as usual. Afterwards
some of us completed psychological tests and then the selected members of
the crew got ready for EVA and left. EVAs continue to be the most
interesting tasks we undertake at MDRS in terms of research, technology
and documentation-related activities and constitute one of the main
subjects of our discussions. Personally, I find EVAs a rare opportunity
for undertaking very interesting geological research.

We had lunch together and took some rest. In the afternoon we proceeded
with working on the audio-visual content for the mass media, including
taking photographs and video recordings in the MDRS hab. We were glad to
have the Internet connection back (at least for a while) and online
communication with Mission Support re-established. Also, the Green Hab
Officer was happy to learn there are two more plants visible in the pots,
all of the belonging to the Zinnia flowers family.

We expect to have the Internet issues fully solved by tomorrow. We will
proceed with EVA and documentation activities, as well as my analysis of
geological samples. We will also continue to test the robot. We are aware
that the weather conditions will deteriorate but we hope it won’t
affect our EVAs.

Bets regards,

Natalia Zalewska
Commander, MDRS Crew 176