Commander Report – March 25th

Crew 176 Commander’s Report 25 March 2017
Natalia Zalewska
Commander Report
25 March 2017 – Sol 14

Dear Mission Support,

This was our last day at MDRS. We have EVA scheduled for this afternoon,
however, due to the poor weather conditions and the workload related to
packing up, we decided to cancel it and finish the simulation today.

In the morning, we worked on the video recordings. Green Hab Officer the
two crew members went to Grand Junction to pick up a rental car we will
use to transport the robot and other equipment. We finished cleaning the
upper and lower deck as well as helmets. In the afternoon we hosted Crew
177. We were happy to explain our guests how to run and maintain the MDRS
campus as well as what are the rules to follow when using ATVs and
engaging in EVAs. The evening was particularly long as we needed to finish

The crew is in a great mood, as it always is. We are also grateful to Mars
Society for the Spirit and Opportunity we have been provided at MDRS!

Best regards,

Natalia Zalewska
Commander, MDRS Crew 176



Commander Report Crew 177:
Otsmar Villarroel
Sol 1
Earth date: 03/25/2017

Good evening!

Today we met the very helpful Crew 176 at MDRS.  Upon arrival at the hab, crew members were trained by Crew 176 members.  Training included a brief tour around the MDRS facilities as well as over use of the ATVs, operation report data, water leak issue, etc.  After the training we went to Bull Mountain Market to pick up our food according to the inventory sent by crew 176 as requested by Shannon.

We’ve made a plan for tomorrow, which will include, pending approval, our Orientation EVAs. We are expecting to enter sim tomorrow morning at 9:30 am, if possible.

From Crew 177; Hanksville, UT
Crew Commander