Sol Summary – March 25th

Commander Report Crew 177:
Otsmar Villarroel
Sol 1
Earth date: 03/25/2017

Good evening!

Today we met the very helpful Crew 176 at MDRS.  Upon arrival at the hab, crew members were trained by Crew 176 members.  Training included a brief tour around the MDRS facilities as well as over use of the ATVs, operation report data, water leak issue, etc.  After the training we went to Bull Mountain Market to pick up our food according to the inventory sent by crew 176 as requested by Shannon.

We’ve made a plan for tomorrow, which will include, pending approval, our Orientation EVAs. We are expecting to enter sim tomorrow morning at 9:30 am, if possible.

From Crew 177; Hanksville, UT
Crew Commander