Sol Summary – April 11th

Summary Title: Technical setups for several experiments and first EVA

Mission Status:  Good

Sol Activity Summary:

We woke up today at 8 am. The Crew Astronomer and the Crew Commander broke the sim for two hours (10-12 am) in order to take the aerial delivery at Hollow Mountain (5 days of late) containing our scientific equipment. We shared meal at 1 pm (tomato soup with bread). The Crew Geologist and the Crew Scientist started their EVA at 2 pm and came back at 3.30 pm. In the meanwhile, the other crew members set up their experiment in the Hab and the Science Lab. The Crew Geologist prepared its plants launched the GreenHab activities. We had to do an emergency EVA (in spacesuits of course) to the Shannon’s trailer from 7 to 9 pm in order to start CapCom session. Indeed, some electronic devices probably consumed all the daily Internet data for this day, that is why we were constrained to exceptionally go to the Shannon’s trailer. At 6.30 pm, we started a group meeting to debrief the day and prepare the day of tomorrow, and also to disable all the electronic devices of each crew member to avoid any further problem with the daily Internet datas. After the evening meal, some of the crew members enjoyed a movie, while others continued to work.Look Ahead Plan: (How are you going to follow up?  What’s the plan for tomorrow?)

Anomalies in work: Internet data were consumed par mégarde

Weather: The beginning of the day started to be dégagé and clear. In the afternoon, some clouds added and the wind became more violent ???

Crew Physical Status: Everyone is fine

EVA: (where did you go?)

Reports to be file: Crew Engineer Report, Journalist Report,

Support Requested: The tunnel structure between the Hab and the Science Lab has suffered from heavy gusts of wind, it will be difficult