Astronomy Report – April 16th

Astronomy Report

Name: Quentin Thomas, Mathieu Vander Donckt      Crew: 178
date: 14 April 2017

Sky Conditions: clear

Wind Conditions: windy, we closed the lower part of the shutter because it was shivering.

Observation Start Time: 1am

Observation End Time: 2am

Summary: The first goal was to set up the telescope for the first time. We couldn’t make any photography due to the problems described below.

Objects Viewed: Arcturus, Jupiter

Problems Encountered: impossible to focus. For each viewed star, what should have been a single point was stretched out. Jupiter was fuzzy. We guess this is due to the alignment of the primary mirror. Can you send us the procedure to follow? Thank you.

Also, we didn’t dare to open the lower part of the shutter because of the wind. It was shivering. We let the upper part open to set up the telescope for next nights. After encountering the focusing problem, we closed everything.


Best regards,

Quentin “Dips” Thomas, Crew Astronomer,

Mathieu “Mitch” Vander Donckt, Crew Scientist and Journalist.


Crew Photos – April 16th

Just out of the station


Coach and hoover




Quad squad


The Station


EVA Team

Sol Summary – April 16th

Crew 178 Daily Summary Report 16APR2017

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 6

Summary Title: Sixth EVA

Mission Status:  Good

Sol Activity Summary:

8.30:   Breakfast
13.00: Lunch
16.00: Muscle wasting experiment: cardio exercise session
18:30: Daily group meeting
19:00: CapCom
20:30: Dinner



10.30 UTM NAD27 12S 4255500-518500
Media: pictures and videos of north area
Telecommunication relays experiment


Crew Physical Status
Everyone is fine

Look Ahead Plan:
EVA + Experiments

Reports to be file: Operations Report, Daily Summary Report, Commander Report, EVA #6 report

Support Requested: