Daily Summary – May 4th

Crew 180 Daily Summary Report 040517

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 3

Summary Title (Today we recorded with cabala Production the documentary about the MDRS. They recorded our normal life in the station, we talked about our projects, objectives and we showed them all the places from the hab)

Mission Status: (No problems so far)

Sol Activity Summary: (All the procedures from the Hab)

Look Ahead Plan: (Tomorrow we will come back to normal simulation and we will continue with our research).

Anomalies in work: (All normal and working)

Weather: Sunny and hot

Crew Physical Status: Victor feels better and the others members are ok.

EVA: (No EVAs. We just drove with the ATVs and rover around the house for recording some scenes)

Reports to be file: (Journalist, engineering report and EVA request)

Support Requested:  No support

Prepared by Yendry

Best Regards,


Yendry Commander

Crew 180