Journalist Report – May 5th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 5 2017

MDRS Sol 7 update

The morning started with lambada. Part of the Latin-American culture is dancing so the crew members began moving their bodies when Commander Corrales played the old Brazilian song “Chorando Se Foi” with her laptop.

After breakfast we had a long conversation about the future of space exploration in latinamerican countries. We would like to promote and eventually create the Agencia Espacial Latinoamericana – AEL (Latin-American Space Agency). However we have to overcome a lot of political and economic difficulties.

Later we had a short EVA to place petri dishes in the nearby hill, and the heat was so intense that it suffocated one of the crew members so bad he almost fainted. That’s why we decide it to cancel the programmed EVA. We instead talked a lot about the history of our countries and culture. It is always very enlightening to share a good conversation with very intelligent people.

Finally the mission journalist went outside again with the Crew Engineer in order to briefly test his rover and take pictures for his journal article.