Daily Summary – May 8th

Crew 180 Daily Summary Report 080517

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 7

Summary Title: (Four members of the crew went to Grand Junction St. Marris Hospital for one of the crew members being checked by a doctor.  They went to the hospital emergency room and the crew member injured had a good and fast medical care. Fortunately, it was nothing serious. For having medical attention, they asked for the insurance international number and details of the patient.  The crew members came back in the afternoon to MDRS because in the morning they went to pick up some supplies (helium and a package with the weather balloon). When they arrived all the crew went together with the MDRS director to pick up the vehicles.  We discussed and analyzed the emergency situation from yesterday)

Mission Status: (The crew member injured yesterday is in good condition today and also, the rest of the crew)

Sol Activity Summary: (two members of the crew stayed at the hab and continue working in their projects. However, they were out of simulation)

Look Ahead Plan: (Tomorrow, we will receive two journalists from the UNAM. Also, we will do an expedition to look for dinosaur’s bones with the director Shannon Rupert and next, we will work in our projects).

Anomalies in work: (We were out of sim today)

Weather:  Sunny in the morning and cold and windy in the afternoon

Crew Physical Status:  Fine

EVA: (No EVAs today. EVA report sol 6: During the EVA at sol seven that started at 5:11 pm, four crew members drove to white moon with three ATVs and one rover. The rover was on the head of the caravan and behind it, the three ATVs. When the rover arrived to URC North Side it took a corner but there was a big rock on the road, the rover over passed it and lost control. It went to the left side and rolled over twice, the left side of the rover was pressing the leg of the driver and he was unconscious for few second till the crew members got off their ATVs and ran to the place he was. The accident occurred around 5:25 pm.

The crew had to stop the simulation due to the gravity of the accident. They took out their helmets and the tanks to help him, the crew yielded him to made him react. The driver reacted and the crew pushed up the rover to took it off from his leg. Then the crew took out his equipment, he was fine but worried about the rover.

Then, the crew decided to move the rover to a better place and leave it there. The first crew member who saw the accident forgot to turn off his ATV, and It went ahead for few meters and rolled over, the crew pushed it and put it behind the rover.

Two crew members went back to the hab and asked for help with Shannon Rupert, the MDRS director, and they gave notice to the rest of the crew in the hab. Two crew members came back in theirs ATVs with the MDRS director driving her truck. She analysed the situation and decided to leave the rover and the ATV in the place they were.

She took two crew members in her truck and drove back to the hab with the other two crew members in theirs ATVs. She analysed again the crew member condition and decided to send him to the hospital in Grand Junction in her truck with other three crew members.


Reports to be file: (Journalist, engineering report and EVA request)

Support Requested:  No support

Prepared by Yendry and Yair

Best Regards,


Yendry Commander

Crew 180