Journalist Report – May 8th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 8 2017

MDRS Sol 10 update

Our crew member is alive! We are seriously considering calling him the latino Mark Watney. Just kidding, his accident was not that serious and we have never left him behind. Thankfully he is back with the rest of the crew and we are together again. We even baked bread to celebrate.

From our perspective the sol started very early, the dawns at the MDRS are a beautiful thing to see. The two crew members that stayed at the MDRS had to do all the work of six people. It was not a fun morning. Even out of simulation, cleaning, cooking, and cleaning again is a bit tedious. We have a high morale; though, so we did it singing Soda Stereo.

Later during the sol when the rest of the team came back, we were relieved to see everything was fine. We ate our bread caked without yeast and then we went with Shannon to the place of the accident. The ATV is ok; however the rover needs a bit of a fixing. We towed the rover with the help of a local and then we headed back to the station before it started to rain.