Journalist Report – May 9th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 9 2017

MDRS Sol 11 update

Everything is back to normal. The sim was reinitiated and we continued with our usual duties. Crew Engineer Gabriel Caballero worked with his rover, Grennhab Officer Camilo Reyes researched in the greenhab, and EVA Officer Yair Piña planned his next experiment measuring radiation.

All of us worked in our responsibilities and sat around the table to have lunch and talk about the usual topics, i.e.: how to use system theory and game theory to reduce the corruption levels endemic in all human societies.

After lunch we had visitors. Two journalists from the Autonomous National University of México – UNAM came to interview our EVA Officer; they were really friendly and brought presents for him. Then a small party was formed and left the hab in order to take pictures and collect lichens in the nearby area.