Daily Summary – May 10th

Crew 180 Daily Summary Report 100517

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 9

Summary Title: (Today was a rainy day and we stayed at the hab. All the activities outside the hab were postponed for tomorrow).

Mission Status: (All are fine)

Sol Activity Summary: (Today was a calm day. It was raining and we just had to stayed in the main dome cooking, reading and working in our projects)

Look Ahead Plan: (Depending on the weather Yair and Camilo will launch the capsule and all the crew will join them. The people from the UNAM will come to MDRS to record the experiment).

Anomalies in work: (The normal procedures from the hab)

Weather: Rainy and Cloudy during the day.

Crew Physical Status: All are fine

EVA: (No EVAs today)

Reports to be file: (Journalist, engineering report and EVA request)

Support Requested: No support

Prepared by Yendry