Journalist Report – May 10th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 10 2017

MDRS Sol 12 update

Weird and lazy sol. It rained the whole morning and our EVA was cancelled. It has been the least Martian sol to date. When we imagine water on the surface of Mars, we think of almost unnoticeable streams, not a creek of centimeters wide with water pouring from sky. Okay, maybe once we started terraforming it. Anyways, it was fun to see the dry landscape become so damp.

Since we were trapped inside the hab for almost the complete sol, we spent most of our time writing, reading, playing cards, cooking a Mexican dish called esquite and talking about Harry Potter. It has been the least Martian sol to date, remember? Later we talked about other stuff like evolutionary psychology and politics.

Finally we planned activities for tomorrow and a movie for tonight. One of the crew members has Europa Report in his computer so we will probably watch that soon-to-be science fiction classic. Okay, maybe it is not the least Martian sol to date.