Daily Summary – May 12th

Crew 180 Daily Summary Report 120517

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 11

Summary Title: (We prepared together with Yair an Camilo all the necessary for the launching of their stratosphere balloon and the astratos capsule. It was successful. However, they lost the capsule and the balloon).

Mission Status: (All are fine)

Sol Activity Summary: We worked in our projects and additionally we started organizing and cleaning. All together launched the balloon and for some minutes all was fine. Now, they lost the capsule and the balloon because the rope broke)

Look Ahead Plan: (We will clean and pack. We will welcome crew 181 and we will come back to earth)

Anomalies in work: (The normal procedures from the hab)

Weather: Sunny and windy

Crew Physical Status: All are fine

EVA: (No EVAs today)

Reports to be file: (Journalist, engineering report)*** They are helping Camilo and Yair and they are late. So probably they will send it after 9 p.m.

Support Requested: We will call the Hanskville airport to let them know. We are worried about this capsule to hit someone when it will fall down. Do you have an advice?.

Later we will send the general report of the crew.

Prepared by Yendry