Crew 191 Commander Report 27Mar2018

[title Commander Report – March 27th]

27 MAR 2018 – Sol3 – Commander Report

僕らの『本気の火星ごっこ』が、とうとう始まった。大げさにいえば火星とは、僕ら人類の好奇心の象徴かも知れない。同時に火星までの道程には、大きなリスクも待ち受けている。"Every single aspect of space is conspiring at every moment to pretty much kill humans(宇宙の全ての側面は、人間を殺害するためにいかなる時点でも関係している)." とは、とあるインド人宇宙建築家の言葉だ。火星をコントロールすることなんて、僕らにできやしない。好奇心とリスクとを天秤にかけながら、おそるおそる一歩を踏み出す。退路のない道は決して進まない。本気と遊び心と両方を持ち合わせる人たちが集まり、未来を夢見ることができる場所、それがここMDRS(Mars Desert Research Station)だ。


Be Curious, Ad Astra, and Safe Return.

Crew191 TEAM ASIA Commander,
Yusuke Murakami

Commander Report – March 22nd

Crew 190 – sol11 – crew commander report 22-03-2018

First, we made a short gym session for waking up. Then, we ate breakfast and we wished a happy birthday to Michael who is now 31 years old. Sophie, Bastien, Mario and Michael left for an EVA up to “Zubrin Head” place. They took some pictures and Bastien mapped the area. Afterwards, they installed the muons detector outside of the station before coming back inside the Hab.

At midday, Ariane started to cook the lunch and we spent time eating and speaking for Michael Birthday’s. To complete our afternoon, everyone worked to his scientific project. Last manipulations will be done tomorrow morning.
Tonight we will have dinner followed by a cake kindly prepared by the crew commander especially for Mick’s birthday.

Tomorrow, we plan to end the experiments and have a small EVA before starting to clean up the whole station. Our way back to Earth is now in the mind of each crew members.

Regarding the station, nothing to declare.

Crew Commander Report – 21st March

Today, we started by a breakfast and participating to Martin’s experiment who is studying the impact of a Martian lifestyle on memory and reflexes. Afterwards, four crew members left for an EVA to “Cactus road”. We took pictures and soil samples for Ariane’s and Maximilien’s experiments. When we came back to the Hab, prior eating, we spent time reading and analyzing our data.

During the afternoon, everyone worked on their experiments and took time relaxing.

We are starting to feel the end of our journey on Mars and we are planning our return to Earth. Scientists are finishing their experiments little by little and gathering their last results.

For some of us, we are starting to feel that living in a confined area on Mars is quite difficult and we miss the easiness of living on Earth. However, it is partially due to the amount of scientific work which is decreasing every day. Meanwhile, the mood of the team is still good and no relational problem appeared during these last days. We are still as close as ever!

Tonight we will have dinner prior organizing the end of our mission and thinking about work that has to be done when we come back on earth.

Regarding the station, the water pump seems to make strange noise (see engineer report).

Commander Report – March 20th

As any common day on Mars, our crew woke up at 7:30 am and started with a breakfast prepared by Michael and myself. Pancakes and coffee at the menu!

Afterwards, five of us prepared themselves for a 2:30 hours long EVA (see EVA report). Like yesterday, the EVA team was confronted to a charging problem with the rovers. This problem was solved later by connecting only one plug to the electrical outlet.

During the EVA, Ariane and myself have done some administrative work and Bastien worked on his 3D mapping. When the EVA team came back we started cooking the lunch and tidying a bit the second floor of the station. After the copious meal, we spent time talking together around a coffee to ensure that all scientific project are progressing well. Later on, crew members were back to their occupation and scientific projects. Sophie worked the whole day on her detector and Ariane on her bacteria. Unfortunately, for Ariane, she did not get the expected result for her bacteria selection. But she is not giving up and will continue her project!

To continue our evening after the dinner, we will do a blind test game.

The mood of the crew is still good after more than one week on Mars. That is good news! Tomorrow, an EVA is planned for more sample collection and the team is going to start to think about finishing their scientific work before going back to earth.

Regarding the station, there is no significant problem detected. Only the problem of rover mischarging was to note but now it is fixed.

Commander Report – March 18th

Today, it was planned to have a day off to relax, make the food inventory, clean up a bit the station and leave on EVA. After waking up, Michael and Sophie began a gym session while others were just relaxing up to midday. After that we had a Sunday lunch composed of mashed potatoes with chicken and compote. Our bellies being fully filled up, five crew members left for an EVA towards “yellow moon” to take soil samples, pictures and exploit the drone (see EVA report). Unfortunately, the weather was too windy and as a consequence it was impossible the fly with the drone. We came back to the Hab at 15h47 and we started to clean our living place. Shannon came to spoke with us about tracks found in the desert. This morning we have seen motorbikes and probably ATVs riding off road.

Tonight we will have the dinner and a board game time to strengthen the team spirit.

Concerning the food inventory, we will need some food supplies. It would be really appreciated if a space ship can bring us these food supplies.

Regarding the station, a part from the MDRS aeration felt. During the EVA, we tried to dismantle the wheel of the broken rover. Unfortunately, the tools provided do not fit.

Commander Report – March 17th

Commander Maximilien Richald

We started our day by a breakfast, followed by the daily health test given by Martin the HSO of the crew. Four of us left for an EVA of two hours. We explored the mountain close from Zubrin’s head where we took pictures and harvested one sample of white soil for me.

After eating a potatoes lunch, some of us rested a bit while the rest of the team was working on its experiments. Martin has problem with his calibration curve for his analysis. The turbidity of his solutions was too high to allow a measurement by UV-Vis spectrophotometry. Fortunately, we worked together to find a solution and get a calibration curve of quality.

Michael solved the IT problem with the rover and he was able to make it riding. Unfortunately, the rover, which was riding around the station, got stuck and we organized a rescue mission to bring it back to the Hab.

In the end of the afternoon, Mario cooked cookies for us and everyone took time to relax. Tonight, we will continue our evening with a diner cooked by Ariane and a “life story” night.

At this time of the mission, nobody is complaining about confined environment or difficulties to live on Mars! Let’s continue like this!

Regarding the station, no significant problem was detected.

Sol 3 Commander Report – March 14th

Crew 190 – sol3 – crew commander report 14-03-2018

As a habit for 3 days, we started our day by a gym session given by Mario. Push up, abs and more to stay fit during the whole mission! After our exercise session and a pancake time, four of us left for an EVA. Unfortunately, they forgot to take some parts of the material before going in the air lock. Therefore, we had to do the outing procedure once again after taking the required material. Frédéric, Michael, Mario and Sophie left with their material and two flags. A Belgian one and the second one with the name and logo of our Belgian university!

After riding for a while with the rovers, they arrived to “the moon” area where they took some soil samples for me and pictures with flags. When they were back to the Hab, Ariane and Michael started to cook the lunch for the whole crew. Afterwards, everyone went to his scientific work for the entire afternoon. Michael did academic work and operational scheduling for the crew. He is still calculating the schedule of tomorrow and it will be soon available. Regarding the part of the team working in the science dome, Martin got good results for his molecules analysis and Ariane was able to follow her sourdough fermentation using pH measurement. Sophie tried to use her muon detector into the science dome but the noise produced by other electrical equipment disturbed her measurement. She will try to perform a measurement away from the station to avoid perturbation coming from equipment.

Regarding the green hab, Mario has finished his first hydroponic tower. Some problem of water leaks appear but we found a solution to fix it and make the hydroponic tower effective. Now the station enjoy a new efficient possibility to make crops growing!

Regarding the mood in the team, it is still good and no problem appeared until now. Nobody complain of our confined environment and wish to go back earth soon!

For tonight, we planned a personal story session to tell the others what we were doing before being sent as the first humans to Mars.

Tomorrow, another EVA will be planned with Ariane as EVA leader (see EVA request). We will continue to work on our scientific projects and find new data about Mars!

Commander Report – March 13th

Today we started our working day by a gym session given by our crew physicist Sophie. An EVA was planned for 4 of us, Martin, Ariane, Bastien and I, so we just had time to eat breakfast and get dressed with the spacesuits and all material needed for the outing. Everyone was motivated and all procedures were perfectly followed by the EVA’s team. We left at 9.30 a.m. with two ATVs and the Curiosity rover. After a few minutes, we reached “White Moon” on the northern side of the Hab. Our crew engineer Bastien was the EVA team leader and he started mapping the area using his drone. He is currently working on these data in view to create a 3D map. His results seem to be encouraging! During the outing, I collected 3 soil samples for further analysis at the station. Theses samples were collected on “White Moon” and on a hill near “URC North Site”.

We came back at the Hab at 10.30 a.m. after the EVA without unexpected event and we stayed a while in the Hab together having a discussion about missing reports and things that must be improved. We lunched together and then everyone started their experiments. Michael spent his afternoon in the ScienceDome, coding his automatic scheduler. Sophie tried to take pictures of the Sun with the telescope but she is still trying to deal with it.

Ariane began her bacteria culture and the selection of the right strains. Our GreenHab officer almost finished his first hydroponic tower and it will soon be ready for a first test. Regarding other experiments, I spent time with Martin in the ScienceDome analyzing our respective samples. We have already got some results on the soil samples collected in the morning showing a difference of acidity between the samples (“URC North Site” soil is more basic than the others). Frédéric, on his side, added a mix of hydrogel on Martian soil for his mint, basil and radish plantations. Ariane is currently baking bread for our supper and we will prepare dinner. Tonight we will probably play board games to relax and strengthen the team spirit.

Regarding the station, no particular problem was encountered. Tomorrow, we will continue the work on our respective scientific projects and some of us will go on EVA (see EVA request).

Commander Report – March 12th

Hi CapCom this is my crew commander report’s for today.

Thanks for reading us!

We began our day by eating the breakfast composed of cereals. Four crew members (Sophie, Martin, Frédéric and Maximilien) immediately started preparing themselves for the first EVA coming at 9am. After getting dressed with the help of the rest of the crew, the EVA team left for the field, staying in communication with the hab for the whole time. The first EVA team came back and explained their impressions of the Mars field to the second EVA team which was already preparing itself for the EVA 1h later. The second team have done their EVA perfectly too and they came back after leaving the sample on the field. Everyone was impressed by the first Martian outing and the landscape so different from the Earth.

After the return of the whole team to the hab, we ate a meal prepared by Ariane. The team took time to discuss and to allow everyone to explain what they expect from their Martian life and to talk about potential problems that could be encountered. This meeting was really interesting to prevent problems in the team life in the future and to allow the commander to better understand the wishes of the team. To start the afternoon, everyone went to their experiment and started to prepare sample, devices and more.

Mario started to build his hydroponic system and found a solution to make it better than it was expected. Martin and Frédéric were preparing the beginning of their experiment using plants. However, Martin had the same problem as Max which is the lack of distilled water, needed for their experiments. Fortunately, a spaceship provided distilled water to the station later during the afternoon.

Bastien used the data provided by the drone to build a detailed map of the Hab’s area and understand how it works. Sophie used the telescope for the first time and took some pictures of the sun. Ariane made her own bread using space baking soda and we are currently eating this bread. Personally, I spend time taking pictures of the crew working hard and I helped Mario for his system building.